Requesting Support for NVIDIA on Laptops

Newer laptops with NVIDIA GPU's use NVIDIA Optimus which switches between the built in Intel GPU and the NVIDIA GPU. However for older games like Ragnarok Online that use older than DirectX 9, the superior GPU will not be recognized without a little tinkering. Please see the following link for information. ... -one.1033/

With this workaround, Ragnarok Online will use the NVIDIA GPU instead of the built-in Intel. However, the Gepard Shield will block these DLL's blocking this solution. These DLL's can be whitelisted.

Without this workaround, I am unable to play on this computer as the game locks up the laptop regularly forcing me to do a hard reset.

Whitelisting these DLL's will also resolve this users issue: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=271
I have tried replacing the files in Windows/System32 however, Ragnarok will not load with this workaround.

Thank you for the consideration and I hope to continue playing this server.


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